Become a supporter of Heretical Update with Crypto

In addition to the ordinary payment methods that Substack provides, you can now support Heretical Update using Ethereum. Pay with Ether using the QR code below, or by copying this Ethereum address:


Note that the Ethereum address will work with Matic network or other blockchains that work with Metamask. To access paid content, you’ll have to get in touch with me using Twitter DMs to tell me your email address as Substack itself does not support Cryptocurrency.

To make a donation in Bitcoin, send to:


Make sure that you do not send Bitcoin to the Ethereum address or vice-versa. The bitcoin one starts with a b for Bitcoin and the Ethereum one starts with 0x0E, E for Ether. When sending a larger amount, please get in touch directly and first send a smaller donation to confirm.

For a standard membership, please send $50 in cryptocurrency for an annual subscription.

For an annual VIP subscription including educational tips about crypto itself, send $479.99 in cryptocurrency, or $49.99 per month in crypto.